“Throughout our first couple recording sessions at Kaotic, we found the atmosphere a perfect match for us as artists. Justin Yelle of Kaotic was a pleasure to work with, not only on a business level but personal as well. He took the time to learn our artistic preferences and make us feel at home in the studio. We give anybody looking for a solid place to record their craft the recommendation of Kaotic”

Mike Sigl

“I tried studio after studio and Kaotic Studios is by far the best outcome. These guys actually understand Hip Hop”

Geoff Dale
Guitar/Vocals, Extended Family

“I have been in the music industry for over 20 years now.  In this time, I have recorded in many different manners.  Basement tapes to huge studio set ups.  I have never worked in an environment that was as constructive and comfortable as what we found at Kaotic Recording Studios.  Most studios see you as a paycheck and don’t really care about your input.  They have their own sound and way of doing things and the band is almost like an afterthought.  Kaotic from the first meeting throughout the whole process treated us right.  They listened to what we had to say and they went out of their way to accommodate our requests.  They were also willing to explain each step of the process to members of our band that had never recorded in a studio setting before.  This is the first time I have been recorded where I felt like the sound of the final product was in our control and we were not just a means to a paycheck.  Kaotic aims to please and these guys deliver.  It is a rare thing to find in the music industry.”

Charlie Wilson
MC, Charlie Mansin

“I couldn’t be happier with the tracks! The mix is clean as hell!.. from now on I want the same thing you did with the speaker phone on all the tracks! I fu**in love how it sounds! Kaotic is the shit”

Sean Holly
Keys, Free Air

“Last year, my band was beginning to record our first album together, and we were looking around the Rochester area for the best studio within our price range to get the job done. We were very reluctant to stumble upon Kaotic Recording Studio. Recording with Kaotic was a dream come true for my band. They have the best equipment (monitors, sound-proofing, guitars, drums, mics, software, etc.) and the atmosphere is so relaxed that you never really feel that you’re being rushed to get stuff done. The location of the studio was perfect for us Rochester natives because it’s right in between Pittsford and Fairport, and this made it an easy drive for the band. The pricing was fair and very similar to some other Rochester studios we were looking at, and having a certified audio engineer like Justin was certainly worth the money! Whenever I see musicians or live bands playing shows now, I always recommend that they record with Kaotic.”

John Magee
Sax, Free Air

“Working with Kaotic Studios has been a privilege. The studio is first-rate; you would be hard-pressed to find as impressive an array of recording equipment elsewhere in Rochester. Justin’s sound engineering savvy removes all technical distractions, giving the artist a no pressure environment in which to create music. The studio itself is a nod to Rochester, the city’s skyline represented somewhere on seemingly every wall, which reflects Justin’s loves for his hometown and his passion to bring out the best music the Flower City has to offer.”

Jackson McNasty
President, TFM Entertainment

“Recording with Justin is an absolute joy! Working with producers and engineers who understand music as well as musicians is a great comfort and asset. The close-knit relationships that Kaotic works so diligently to cultivate are a source of comfort and a testament to their professional approach. If you want more than a recording engineer barking orders at you; or you want your input on your music to be appreciated and considered paramount, Kaotic Studios is the studio for you. The outcome is a finished product of unmatched quality, clarity and integrity. I highly recommend Kaotic Studios for its high quality equipment, highly trained and professional staff members and second-to-none final products.”

Greg Wilcox
Song-Writer/Bassist, the indras

“My experience with Kaotic Recording Studios can be summed up in one word: Quality. Through each step of the recording process, Justin worked with us to achieve the sound we wanted for our band. Their knowledge and skill sets made for a comfortable-yet-focused professional atmosphere that allows the artist to relax and deliver their best performance. The staff, equipment, and environment were first rate, and the result was an album that exceeded our expectations with how great it sounded. We can’t wait to get back in there to record our next album!”

Rick Holland
Guitar, Extended Family

“Recording our album Enjoy the Day at Kaotic Recording Studios provided an extremely laid back experience with a very professional, high quality product. I would confidently recommend Kaotic to any musician.”

Colin Hansford
Guitar, MOJA

“Our band worked with Kaotic Studios earlier this year on our first CD. They put in a ton of effort to make sure we were happy with the result. The studio is very well equipped and generous with their time and always took every opportunity for improvement. Justin’s technical ability and production skills are second to none and we are looking forward to visiting again in the future”

Jay Zwitzer
Song-Writer/Guitar, ThunderSnow

“From the momment we met these guys we could tell this was the place to do our album. They are easy to work with, great to be around, and have made the music I have written sound better then I could have possibly dreamed of. Get a hold of Justin and you won’t be sorry.”

Song-Writer/Guitar, The Furies

“Amazing time hanging out at Kaotic.
The input and patience was priceless!
We look forward to our next visit!”