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There are a few organizational steps you need to take to clean up your session before sending your files off to our Kaotic engineers.

You’ll need to hide all muted, inactive, midi or any other track that you didn’t intend to play in the final mix. Set up the files as clearly as you can by making sure the tracks are clearly labeled.
If you do have midi tracks, you must record the midi sounds to an audio track.
If you have special effects that are part of your audio track, bounce the track to a new channel by clicking: File > Bounce To > Disk.
* PLEASE NOTE: We will not be able to take off any processing or effects you have applied to an audio track. We prefer to do the effects or processing for you within the mix. Please be sure to mention the sounds you had in mind in the description of your order. You may also include reference tracks from similar artists to clarify the “mix sound” you had in mind.
Pro tools session

Cleaning up your session

Make sure to double check all edit points throughout your song and make sure there aren’t any noticeable clicks or clips that would make your edit obvious in the final mix.
Remove all plug ins and automation you may have applied to your song within your own session. This will ensure that all of the files will transfer over to us correctly, and we’ll use our own plug-ins and automation techniques in our mix.
Consolidating your tracks within your session

When you have all your tracks lined up and ready to send to mixing, it’s important to listen to your project from start to finish. Double check for errors in your song before consolidating your tracks.
Then, select all the tracks, first by clicking on the first channel, holding the shift button and clicking the last tracks, and then by clicking Apple (or control) A, and consolidate them by clicking: Edit > Consolidate.
Now you should see all your tracks from the same starting point in your project from beginning to end.
Exporting your tracks as wav files

To finally export your tracks as wav files,select all of your tracks like in step 2, and export your tracks by clicking: apple+shift+K. That should open the export pop up window.
Make sure to select a destination that you’ll remember at a later point, and click the Export button.
To check you got everything alright, create a new Pro-tools project, drop the exported files to the new project and play to make sure everything sounds OK.
Exporting from pro toolsZip your wav files and upload

Congrats! Now you have the files exported and ready to be sent to Kaotic’s mix engineers.
Zip the folder of the exported files by holding control+clicking the folder, and then > add to archive (On a PC it’s: right-click on the folder and > add to archive)
Send the zip file via box.com to [email protected]
You are finished!

If you have any questions, call me at 585-737-8846. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to mixing your songs.

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