The Filthy McNastys

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4th of July

Dave’s Last Stand


The Filthy Mcnastys deliver a raunchy blend of Rock and Blues, with funky bass lines, rippin’ guitar riffs, tasty keys and rockin’ beats. Filling the void in original Blues-Rock, The McNastys’ aim is to make you groove with inspired (and sometimes outright Filthy) lyrics, soulful guitar leads and spirited performances. The Filthy McNastys write true-to-life songs in the great blues tradition offering honesty, playfulness and downright dirty insight. Hailing from the Rochester suburbs, we live hard, work hard and play hard. Drawing on inspiration from our lives, the things we’ve seen and done, the good times we’ve had and the mistakes we’ve made, the music we play is the soundtrack to our lives. A collection of stories told with honesty, humor and sincerity. This band is all about having fun with music and making the best out of each day. A fun-lovin’ band of brothers, we’re The Filthy McNastys and we’ve come to drink all your beer, chat up your women and rock the house ’til someone calls the cops. The album is available in stores or on ITUNES and

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